Car Donation Illinois

Not sure where to drop off your car donation? Illinois residents can call 1-800-CharityCars to get the details on donating their car to a family who needs transportation. You can also make car donations online at our website You can make a difference in the lives of many when you make a car donation. Illinois, like most states, has families hard hit by the economy. Charity Cars hopes to give these disadvantaged families the chance to live independently.

Why Donate

Your car donation could make a difference in the life of a Charity Cars free vehicle recipient. Without vehicle donations, Charity Cars would be unable to continue the program. By providing free vehicles and vehicle support to struggling families, Charity Cars is helping them get back on their feet. The experience a free vehicle recipient has makes a profound impact on their outlook on life. Many of the disadvantaged families helped by Charity Cars have said the free vehicle gift has given them new hope and helped raise the level of self esteem they have in themselves. Few programs have the same effect on the quality of life fro someone. With your car donation, Illinois families can receive a vehicle that can dramatically change their lives in a positive way.

Helping People

The Charity Cars program is dedicated to helping people. Disadvantaged families come to us from across the United States. They are recommended by churches, social service groups, non-profit organizations, friends and family. Year after year, Charity Cars leads the nation in providing free vehicles to disadvantaged families throughout the country. You can make a difference with your car donation. Illinois residents can donate any type of vehicle to benefit the Charity Cars mission. Many donors report they can empathize with the families Charity Cars is helping and want the opportunity to give to their community. Many of the disadvantaged families helped by the Charity Cars program are those who have suffered domestic violence, been victims of a natural disaster, families living in transitional shelters, families making the transition from public assistance to work and military families. Charity Cars also gives free vehicles to the working poor, the medically needy and other non-profit organizations. Every car donated to the program helps Charity Cars change lives.

How Your Vehicle is Used

There are many ways Charity Cars may use your car donation Illinois vehicle owners wishing to donate can contact Charity Cars either by telephone or on their website for information on how to donate. Charity Cars will arrange for the pick up and towing of your vehicle donation. It's free of charge. Charity Cars will pay for all fees associated with towing your vehicle. When Charity Cars receives your vehicle, they will determine if it can be used as a free vehicle gift to a disadvantaged family. If it can not be, your vehicle will be auctioned and all proceeds will go to Charity Cars to further support the program. With your car donation Illinois families can be changed forever.

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