Structured Settlements

Structured Settlements
For over a quarter-century, MetLife has provided financial security through structured settlement annuities for the claimants of personal injury settlements. Our structured settlement annuities are offered exclusively through structured settlements specialty brokers who look to MetLife for our expertise and ability to structure exactly the right settlement for the situation.
The Benefits of MetLife Structured Settlements include: 

Tax-free income. A structured settlement is a one-time opportunity to settle a physical injury claim (including wrongful death) and/or workers' compensation claims, with a future stream of tax-free benefit payments.1 Section 104(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code ("Code") clarifies that the full amount of the structured settlement payments related to personal injury claims is tax-free. Code Section 104(a)(1) provides similar tax relief for workers' compensation awards. By contrast, the investment earnings on a lump sum payment are usually fully taxable.2 

Customized payment streams. A MetLife structured settlement can be tailored to meet a claimant's specific needs. Payments can be scheduled up to 40 years in the future and MetLife can pay a claimant over his/her entire lifetime. Payments can be made in equal amounts or can vary over time, and can begin immediately or be deferred. Payments can also be designed with escalators and benefit increases to address future inflation concerns, and may be scheduled to include future lump sum payouts for things such as necessary medical care or equipment, a down payment on a house, or educational needs for children.3 

Payments for as long as the claimant lives. In times of increasing longevity, when many people are concerned about outliving their savings, the availability of lifetime payments can be of critical importance to claimants. Lifelong income can provide a claimant with increased financial security. 

Payments to the beneficiary. If a claimant accepts an all-cash settlement, there is no assurance that funds will remain after death for a named beneficiary. However, guaranteed structured settlement payments can be received by the named beneficiary.4,5 

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